What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical term used to describe a specific sickness that is recognisable by excessive sweating from the feet, hands and/or armpits.

When decomposing the word hyperhidrosis, we can find:
- Hyper: : which means “a lot”
- Hidrosis: which means “sweat”
Hyperhidrosis is due to an important raise of sweat secreted by the sebaceous glands which are located in the hands and/or feet and also by the apocrine glands under the armpits.

Both genders can be affected by hyperhidrosis at the same frequency, whatever the age is. In general, this sickness has repercussions on the social and professional lives of the patients. It is in 90% of the cases located in the hands, feet and armpits, 10% of the cases are affected by general hyperhidrosis.


Hyperhidrosis is due to an important activity of the sweat glands. It is said that hyperhidrosis is essential, that is to say that its origin has not yet been identified. However, it has been proved that the problem worsens during a period of stress. People who do not suffer this problem only sweat because of an intense physical effort, a period of stress or high temperatures. Those who are affected by hyperhidrosis, however, sweat more than usual.

Sweating can be observed even when the ambient temperature is average or cool.



Excessive sweating can have a number of consequences whether it is on the professional and social lives, physical appearance and mindset.

Hyperhidrosis is a vicious circle: the discomfort caused by excessive sweating can worsen the production of perspiration.

Therefore, the quality of life of the person suffering from hyperhidrosis is troubled. As a matter of fact, it can enhance psychologic disorders because the people affected by hyperhidrosis feel a deep malaise. They lack confidence and dislike being judged because of it.
Healing from this sickness requires a rigorous treatment in order to go back to a stable, normal life.


Excessive armpit sweating can be disturbing:
- At the visual level because it enhances marks on clothes which are difficult to hide.
- At the olfactory level because it liberates a strong odour.

Excessive feet sweating provokes a fetide odour and is, in most cases, the origin of strong and disturbing perspiration odours called bromhidrosis (an over-infected hyperhidrosis by bacterias, fungus)

Excessive hand sweating invalidates the daily life of the affected people. Daily gestures such as handshakes can immediately become complicated. Furthermore, this excess of perspiration can prevent certain people affected by hyperhidrosis to do their dream job or prevent them from doing certain hobbies (play the piano).

Perspiration smells can disappear thanks to specific anti-bacteria or anti-fungal treatments, unless being associated with iontophoresis (IONOMAT) otherwise strong smells will persist and no improvement will be visible.

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