Excessive sweating can have different levels. Treatment to cure hyperhidrosis do exist. However, they are rarely efficient. The medical treatment against hyperhidrosis consists in injections of Botox in the infected area (hand, feet, armpit) or a heavy operation called sympathectomy (that can have severe consequences on your health and body). Pioneer in the field of automatic electricity inversion device, the iontophoresis treatment developed by IONOMAT is dedicated to curing excessive hand, armpit, and/or feet sweating. Discover our products against excessive sweating.
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Iontophoresis is a painless, efficient method with results that will quickly liberate you from your sweating problems.

Our product Ionomat 1  can cure excessive feets, hands or armpits perspiration.


Until now, the medical field has had a difficult time finding the cause of armpit sweating. However, one thing is sure: armpit excessive perspiration rises during a strong period of stress or during a wave of heat. Excessive armpit sweating can be explained by an abundant production of sweat by sudoral glands located under the arms. In a case of an advanced hyperhidrosis, armpits can be humid or even soaked all day long, regardless of the temperature or the situation the person is in. Some people are affected by hyperhidrosis have to shower multiple times a day due to excessive sweating. Excessive armpit sweating is also visible from the outside: clothes can be damaged more quickly because of the sweat marks worsened by the products used to slow down perspiration that are, in most cases, expensive and inefficient. It is also an intense inner suffering: the person can feel a profound unease in front of other people. Excessive armpit sweating need to be cure if it represents a problem in the social life.

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Like excessive armpit perspiration, it is still very complicated to find a significant cause to excessive hand sweating. Humid hands or essential palmar hyperhidrosis (this means without medical explanation) affects 2% of the population. It is admitted by the majority of the medical comity that remedies for humid hands go from basic treatments to the most radical and therapeutic ones if necessary. Excessive hand sweating can stop certain people affected by this disease to reach their dream job such as manual jobs like musician, carpenter, mechanic, etc. Certain people affected by hyperhidrosis can fill up an entire glass of water in a very short time. To have significant results, patients need a regular sweating treatment otherwise no improvement will be noticed.


Recognized as being a real sickness, plantar hyperhidrosis can quickly become an annoyance. Excessive feet sweating can have many consequences: 

• A strong smell of maceration

• Plantar warts, infections and even eczema due to the product used in shoe fabrication, particularly once the leather is tanned.

Excessive feet sweating can be noticed by constant wet feet which forces the concerned person to change socks multiple times a day. In this specific case, the gland secretion is so intense that feet can slide inside the shoes. Finally, the space between the toes are often subject to mycosis or dyshidrosis (variety of eczema located on hands or feet) or bromhidrosis (strong smell linked to a mycosis and bacteriologic superinfection). However, there are efficient means to reduce the impact of excessive feet sweating on the everyday life.

The efficient solution, soft and painless to fight against excessive armpit, hands and/or feet sweating is the ionotophoresis. Its efficiency is proved in 99% of cases by our customers. The first results of the sweating treatment appear after 4 to 5 sessions, before becoming complete after 20 sessions. . .

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With IONOMAT, one thing is sure: you will be able to control your perspiration easily and without any inconvenience. Indeed, the machine only uses electricity, without using any outside products such as batteries that run down relatively fast. This soft painless method attracts new followers every year. It allows them to find what they had lost: an excellent comfort of life, putting aside all of the sickness disagreements for days and without any risk.

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