appareil ionophorèse


Health stakeholders

Many hospitals, dermatologists and clinics use Ionomat in order to treat patients affected by hyperhidrosis.

Here is a list of hospitals equipped with Ionomat :

Bordeaux, Paris, Pellegrin, Strasbourg, Lilli, Caen, Dijon, Clemenceau, St Louis, Hospital gods Créteil, Le Bocage, Skin Clinic, Henry Montdor, Grenoble, La tronche St Etienne, Lyon, Antiquaille, Huriez La Timone.

Individual customers

Thanks to our expertise and our proven and recognized effectiveness, many individuals get our Ionomat device in order to practice iontophoresis home, whenever they want. With the storage case mallette offered by Ionomat to store your device, it is much easier to take it with you on vacation.


Ionomat is constantly looking for resellers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.