Many methods of payment are accepted:

  • Debit card
  • Cheque: 1, 2 or 3 instalment without fees by cheque(s) in France only that must be sent in advance to finalize your order payable to AED. Remember to specify the cashing dates on the back of the cheque (one check per month). The order will be processed immediately after cheque reception at the company then they will be cashed on the specified dates).
  • Bank transfer.

In case of payment by debit card, the entire transaction made on our website is directed, in encrypted mode, so not directly accessible to a bank validation server in SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

You will pass by the secure platform Paybox. You are thus insured of the security of your transactions.

This guarantees that the banking information provided upon confirmation of an order, will not be transmitted in the clear during the transaction thus avoiding the risk of hacking.
Payment deadlines are listed on our website.
If it is not specified, the payment is due on the day the order is made. So, the payment is 100% secure.

  • Shipping fees are included in the product price (worldwide).
    Residents outside the EC and overseas territories will have to pay an import tax.