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The Limited Liability Company AED IONOMAT started its activity in 1992. Ever since, it keeps innovating to offer you even more performant products to help fighting against feet, armpits and hands perspiration, which are the three areas the most touched by excessive sweating. The AED company is specialized in perspiration solutions for hands, feet and armpits hyper-perspiration thanks to a treatment called iontophoresis. AED keeps updating its machines in order to always bring more comfort to its customers during the use: there are machines that are battery-free and are retailed to a competitive price with a user- friendliness, even when you are single-handedly you will be able to treat excessive perspiration.

Multiple studies have been conducted in several countries. It has been proved through Levit’s method, (which is the iontophoresis) that it is highly efficient for fighting hyperhidrosis. The Levit’s method advises current passing for 10 minutes in a way, 10 minutes the other way. That period has been supported by an interesting German study that proves the efficiency of this method to fight against hyperhidrosis.

Pioneer in automatic devices with power inversion, hands and feet excessive perspiration has the same treatment: a continuous current from 5 to 25mA is applied to extremities dipped into water tray, the variation of cycle and the inversion of current is wholly automatized. On the contrary, excessive armpits perspiration is ensured by small electrodes into damped sponges.

Since 1991, AED Ltd has upgraded two of its devices allowing the iontophoresis: IONOMAT 1 and IONOMAT 2. Since January 2014, the customers can have access to a whole new device, 100% innovative, developed by AED IONOMAT company. It is a new machine, the IONOMAT Pulse which is dedicated to iontophoresis. It is more optimised in order to guaranty that customers are fully satisfied, thanks to a maximum comfort.

Our stocks

Important stocks are always available within our warehouse. IONOMAT delivers its products in France and abroad (the customers that are out of the EC needs to pay a local importation tax at the reception of the package) We accept all types of payments: Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Cheques (attention: cheques payment have to be sent beforehand to complete your order).


Our team

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IONOMAT priorities are to answer your questions and inform you precisely as fast as possible. The team is made of a dermatologist advisor, an engineer, an employee in charge of logistics and a cable-fitter. The IONOMAT team, gathers all expertise to answer either to technical questions (iontophoresis, device use) or either to questions related to hyperhidrosis.