Excessive sweating needs a therapeutic solution. The Iontophoresis treatment developed by IONOMAT will quickly reach the comfort desired by the patient, if it is done regularly. This Iontophoresis treatment is painless, well tolerated by patients and has a 99% success rate on people suffering from excessive hands, feet and armpits excessive sweating. .


Iontophoresis is one of the most efficient ways to cure excessive sweating. It works with water and transmits a light electricity current from 10 to 20 mA on the surface of the skin (crossing the feet or hands which need to be placed on electrodes in 2cm of ordinary water). The electric current released by the machine aims to thicken in a microscopic way the superficial layer of the skin in order to prevent the production of perspiration. The iontophoresis treatment consists in putting the affected zones (hands, feet, …) in trays filled with water and to turn the device on. Regarding the armpits, the patient must place small electrodes on wet sponges and place them under his armpits, and then turn the iontophoresis machine on.
To see how IONOMAT 1 works, see instruction manual.


For excessive hand sweating :
The results of the treatment last for 10 days, in average. For prevention, it is advised to use the machine every week. The first results appear after 5 sessions, with a proved efficiency in 99% of the cases, after 20 sessions!

For excessive armpits sweating :

Iontophoresis by pulsed current locally closes the sweat glands for 1 to 3 weeks thus stopping the sweating. To be efficient, the machine must be used 1 or twice times a week. Say goodbye to sweaty armpits.

For excessive feet sweating :
10 to 20 mA current loops obstruct the sweat glands for 1 to 3 weeks and allows a better control of feet sweating.


IONOMAT is the most performant machine in terms of pain management and efficiency. Furthermore, the risk of not using the iontophoresis machine in the best way is practically impossible because, once turned on, the machine works on its own. IONOMAT does not only sell its iontophoresis machines to particular but also sells its machines to a number of hospitals that have been using the IONOMAT 1 and 2 for a few number of years such as university hospital centres such as in Bordeaux, Paris, Pellegrin, Strasbourg... After just a few sessions, you will obtain palmoplantar anhidrosis that is to say dry hands, feet and/or armpits.... this iontophoresis treatment will change your life!

After 5 sessions, hyperhidrosis will be reduced allowing your hands to become drier; after 20 sessions, the results are generally perfect. If the patient stops the treatment, sweating will reappear after 10 to 20 days. We recommend not to wait for this, but instead to anticipate by regularly doing sessions each week all year long. Your assiduousness remains a key factor in the fight against excessive sweating of the hands, feet and / or armpits.


You can also heal in an efficient, radical way wart problems thanks to the same iontophoresis treatment used for feet, hands and armpit sweating. All you need to do is add sodium salicylate into the water that will be poured in the trays (in which you will put your feet and/or hands).
Warts are small benign tumours (non-cancerous) that can come alone or in large groups spread everywhere on the body, but in most of the cases located on your hands or feet. They are caused by a virus, the human papillomavirus that introduces itself in the body through little cuts and skin cracks. Most people will have warts at some point in their lives, generally on the back of the hand or on the fingertips (common warts) or on soles of the feet (plantar warts). It is a fact that most people concerned by this epidermal problem have difficulties to get permanently rid of their warts even by using effective methods such as treatments by liquid nitrogen or laser.

To solve this delicate problem that can sometimes ruin one’s life, IONOMAT and its team of engineers developed a safe, innovative and performant product. IONOMAT has decided to extend and promote this machine to particulars officially known for its efficiency and convenience.

How to proceed (recipe) :

- Buy salicylate powder sodium in a pharmacy (100g)

- Add a spoon of salicylate powder sodium on the electrode present in the water from the hand or feet wart side and which is connected to the red cable

- Put the other hand or foot in the plain water and use the position “Wart” of the C switch - Adjust the current according to the iontophoresis chart. Two sessions per week are necessary until total disappearance of the wart(s) (skin must be totally clear)

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