Understand the mechanism of perspiration

To understand that mechanism let’s see two definitions of perspiration or sweating.


1. According to Collins Dictionary, it is said :

Sweating (noun)

  • The secretion from the sweat glands, esp. when profuse and visible, as during strenuous activity, from excessive heat, etc.; commonly also called perspiration related adjectives sudatory sudorific.
  • The act or process of secreting this fluid.
  • The act of inducing the exudation of moisture.

2.According to the French medical website docteurclic.com, it is said :

  • Sweating is a normal function of the skin allowing it to cool off in case of excessive heat through evaporation phenomenon.
  • The sweat that it is made of, is produced by the sweat glands.
  • Sweating and perspiration are practically synonymous. However, there is a slight nuance: the sweat is often a sudden appearance, and testifies a reaction of the body to an aggression whatsoever. Sweating is rather experienced as something unpleasant, but perfectly normal: one sweat while making an effort, or because of the weather
  • So, it can be considered that it the same phenomenon: the production of sweat by the sweat glands of the skin.



First of all, it is due to sweat glands which causes perspiration.

Sweating plays a fundamental role in thermoregulatory or human being body heat control, allowing him to ensure a body heat homogeneity with the variation of external temperature.

There are two varieties of sweat glands, the eccrine glands which concerns us and conversely the apocrine glands that concerns especially animals when they need to detect and identify odours.

So, the role of eccrine glands that are allocated all over the human body is to ensure the evacuation of 99% of water.

Indeed, the intradermal duct (underneath the dermis) keeps circulating toward the outside and varies according to people, its average diameter is estimated between 5 and 10 microns.




It is a natural human body phenomenon and more specifically of the Hypothalamus which belongs to the central nervous system. The Hypothalamus is situated at the heart of the brain, very sensitive to our environment.

No matter how the weather is, stress or relaxation or even laugh and fear have an important influence on our nervous system.

That nervous system controlled by our brain stimulates the Hypothalamus. This stimulation will lead to a release of different hormones that will influence the eccrine glands.

Every eccrine gland that will be stimulated will push the skin to cool down releasing water.

It provides a wellness feeling to reverse the negative tendency (stress, fear, heat etc.)




  • Antiperspirant product does not cure but prevent from perspiration, you need to renew the treatment daily to avoid sweating.
  • Baby powder or baking soda are natural remedies.



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