Iontophoresis is a treatment that has emerged in the late sixties. It is a treatment that is used as part of a hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating body parts such as hands, feet and armpits.

There are several machines that provide treatment with iontophoresis, for instance IONOMAT. They work by sending a small electric current to the skin in order to block the abnormal functioning of sweat glands.

This treatment cannot by use on the face or other body part.

It is important to remind that even if the iontophoresis has a success rate close to 100%, the treatment needs to go along with a healthy lifestyle to be perfectly effective.

How does it work?

Before starting any sessions, the patient must remove all jewelry that he has on the body, particularly in areas that will be treated. Also, he must avoid making sessions if he has wounds, but can cover them with products such as Vaseline if has no other alternatives.

Development of the session for hands and feet: The patient can find in front of him two trays, one for each foot / hand. He has to dip them in the trays that are filled with warm water. Then, thanks to electrodes that are connected to each tray, an electric current will pass to the hands or feet. The current will gradually increase and then decrease the same way. All for a period of 20 minutes.

It is important to remind the patient not to remove his hands or his feet from the trays during the session.

The armpit sessions are different in the beginning. The patient should place a damped sponge containing an electrode under each armpit and squeeze it with his arm. Then, the current flows in the same way as the hands and feet.

The advantage of this treatment is that it will block the sweat glands ducts, those that are responsible for the secretion of sweat.

Initially, the patient must make several sessions per week. In general, the positive effects are felt between 5 and 10 sessions depending on the person. Beyond 10 sessions, the pace can be reduced to two sessions, even once a week. The sessions that will be conducted later, will be maintenance sessions when the sweating will strongly come back.

The advantage with IONOMAT device for the iontophoresis treatment, is that it can be used both by individuals and by professionals.


From 200 to € 1,000, a person suffering from excessive sweating can afford treatment by iontophoresis.

For those who do not know or are not sure how to use the device, it is suggested to consult a doctor who owns the machine or a specialist such as a dermatologist who beyond conducting the session will provide you advice.


Despite the fact that it is a safe treatment for the concerned persons, iontophoresis should not be taken by some people. The current flowing through the electrodes can be harmful to pregnant women, children, people with pacemakers or carrying orthopedic braces where the current circulates.

In rare cases, the patient may have side effects following sessions such as itching, redness, eczema or burns. That is why it is advised to have sessions with experts beforehand to make sure the treatment does not have side effects on you.


Thanks to iontophoresis treatment, after few sessions, the patient has definitely a less pronounced sweating. But it is highly suggested to continue the sessions to prevent from an even stronger sweating than before the treatment.

However, the treatment should be regularly executed as this is not a definitive hyperhidrosis treatment.

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