Foot sweating is a natural phenomenon which appears to be a problem in your daily life. This condition gives unpleasant sensations due to moisture and disturbing odors causing relational handicaps.

People concerned :

80% of the population is suffering from feet sweating, this natural phenomenon is particularly noticeable among young men by their excessive sweating. But they are not the only one, this phenomenon can be identified for hereditary or individuals with hormonal dysfunction cases.

Various factors at the origin of feet sweating :

Sweaty feet appear when a person is confronted with various mental or psychological disadvantages: overweight, fatigue, stress, anxiety. Other elements are taken into account like hot weather, the wrong shoes (eg rubber) and synthetic socks. These issues result to a significant increase of feet sweating.

The issues :

The consequences of  feet sweating are embarrassing perspiration odors called bromhidrosis related to maceration. Then, bacteria and mycosis can emerge. Excessive sweating can cause the appearance of ingrown nails which can be very painful and long to treat.

Effective solutions :

To fight against sweaty feet, there are different methods to reduce the plantar hyperhidrosis.

In terms of shoes and clothing :

- Opt for cotton based socks, they manage better moisture and allow better ventilation.

- Prefer quality shoes, adequate with good ventilation, such as sneakers or leather shoes, for instance.

-Change your socks several times a day.

Simple tricks and practices :

- Soak your feet in a tub of warm water into which you pour a strong infusion of sage.

- Sprinkle several times a day your shoes with baking soda.

For excessive sweating of the feet, the use of IONOMAT generator is the ideal treatment.


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