Excessive hand perspiration

Excessive and uncontrollable hands sweating is called palmar hyperhidrosis. This can become a rather annoying problem, embarrassing and very distressing. Indeed, the person who suffers from palmar hyperhidrosis generally has a tendency to lose confidence in him/herself and to be embarrassed to the point of missing some exams or having some anxiety when it comes to shake hands to others. It's a fact: Hyperhidrosis can harm or even ruin the social life of a person!

However, there are various treatments and effective enough to meet different situations and improve the lives of those who are daily suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Antiperspirants :

The first solution to cope with sweaty palms is an antiperspirant product, usually made of aluminum chloride. Indeed, you can use antiperspirants on your hands to reduce sweating or stop it completely. Antiperspirants are non-invasive products, topical (applied to the surface of the skin), and are available in various degrees of strength and efficiency.

You can then use regular antiperspirants or products prescription from a doctor.

So that these products be really effective, make sure to follow their instructions and apply them in the evening before going to bed, on a completely dry clean skin. Also, avoid covering your hands that have been treated with an antiperspirant by wrapping them in a thick cloth or gloves.

Iontophoresis :

If antiperspirants do not provide you any relief, the next option that you have is iontophoresis. According to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, iontophoresis has a very high efficiency in 83% of cases.

This device is made of a tray full of water and electrodes, and consists in making circulate a slight electric current across the surface of the skin. This electric current activates minerals in the water and facilitates their absorption into the skin, which thickens microscopically but enough to block the sweating process.

This treatment can be done in the office of a specialist or at home by purchasing suitable equipment.

The botulinum toxin type A, or Botox :

Another sweaty palms treatment option is Botox. By far, used in purely aesthetic treatments (wrinkles, lips, cheeks, etc.), Botox has proven to be quite an effective treatment against excessive hands sweating. It must imperatively be injected by a health professional, experienced and recognized. This injection is executed at the palms and aims to block the sweating process. Its effects are long lasting (about 6 months), but the injections can be painful and require a delicate and expensive anesthesia.

However, some experienced professionals replace the anesthesia by hand cooling in ice and / or technical vibration, but you should be aware that Botox treatment is rather expensive (wide area to be treated and anesthesia) and can cause, among some people, muscle weakness and limb numbness.

Sympathectomy, a radical treatment :

Sympathectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removal or the blocking of a sympathetic trunk. The objective is to interrupt these nerves that convey impulses to the sweat glands and activating, therefore, the perspiration process.

However, this operation involves significant risks, particularly a side effect called compensatory sweating (excessive and irreversible sweating over large areas of the body) and should only be chosen in extreme cases, after having tried all other less invasive options.

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