Fight perspiration

Many techniques exist within everyone’s reach to limit the effects excessive sweating on your organism, provoked by palmar, plantar or armpit hyperhidrosis.This will reduce the risks of having sweaty palms and feet and wet armpits

Favour cotton clothing to improve your comfort. Cotton tends to absorb moisture and allows better airing. Avoid all synthetic clothes that tend to promote sweating.

- Regarding your shoes, choose materials allowing ventilation through the fabric such as sneakers or leather shoes. Opt for shoes you are comfortable to walk in: it will fatigue you less quickly and slow down feet perspiration.

- Add those simple and cheap tricks to  IONOMAT's iontophoresis for optimized results and end the excessive sweating of the feet, hands and / or armpits.
Iontophoresis will provoke a palmoplantar anhidrosis, that is to say that the current will close the sweat glands, thus allowing the patient to have completely dry hands, feet and / or armpits. The patient will then regain a normal life without sweating.

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